Meaning Of Dreams: Interpreting A Dream About Kangaroo

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What Does My Dream about Kangaroo Mean?

To see a kangaroo in your dreams, refers to maternal and paternal protection. You may be expressing your nurturing and mothering nature. Alternatively, a kangaroo may symbolize aggression.

To dream that a kangaroo attacks you, foretells that false accusations will damage and jeopardize your reputation.


My sister a dream that her daughter walked within the room along with the daughter was headless. How much does this mean?
The dream dictionary doesn’t help much, and that i just wondered when someone could help me out using this problem she has been having,

well, head, brain, personality..

the age of may be the child,,, is a thing occurring in waking life along with the mother is confused about what to do in connection with kid?
will be the kid going thru life changes? or becoming a teenager??
i am aware i rarely understand my girls some days…so a headless dream would not surprise me..

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