Meaning Of Dream: Interpreting A Dream About Scar

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Dream about Scar Interpreted:

To see a scar in your dream, symbolizes struggles and/or painful memories and bad feelings which may have never entirely healed and still continue to linger in your mind. It suggests that your past still has some influence or effect on your life. Alternatively, a scar may represent deep-seeded insecurities which may be holding you back from accomplishing your goals.


Meaning of desires alien invasion?
I’ve had this dream several times, but the details are often a quite different. I dream of a world-wide invasion of aliens. It’s usually a big show in the sky. Usually plenty of lights and sounds and fireworks type things. It is non-lethal. There is lots of show, but nobody gets hurt. It’s such as the aliens are merely there that will put on a big show.

Inside the dream, I’m always awe struck and strangely happy, but all others around me is normally losing it because it’s clearly an invasion.

I have had dreams similar to this before. The proven fact that you had been happy means to me you are more aware than others in terms of science and are reacting from your rational place. Below is some info I came across on Aliens in dreams SweetDreams.

To dream that you’re an alien, symbolizes the undiscovered a part of yourself. Your manifestation as a possible alien could possibly be on your path of ‘escaping’ from reality. Dreams of this nature also symbolizes your outlandish ideas as well as your wild imagination.

To dream that you’re being abducted by aliens, indicates your fears of your respective changing surroundings or your nervous about losing your home and family. You really feel that your space and/or privacy has invaded.

To see aliens in your dream , signifies you are having difficulties adapting and adjusting to your brand-new surroundings. You really feel “alienated” and invaded. You happen to be also struggling in how to deal with or cope with a specific situation or person. On a psychological level, seeing aliens may represent an encounter having an unfamiliar or neglected facet of your self

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