Meaning Dreams: Interpreting A Dream About Communion

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Interpretation of My Dream About Communion:

To dream of communion, symbolizes your conflict with the material world and the spiritual world. You are torn between your values and your feelings. Alternatively, the dream indicates a betrayal. You may also be seeking some form of acceptance.


Dream Meaning: hole within my stomach and my side?
I needed a dream that for whatever reason i’d bleach on my stomach and my sides (trying to bleach my skin) and that i had this bad reaction leaving me using a really painful hole in my stomach and one of my sides (left)
my skin was melted and falling off where the hole formed

it absolutely was a very disturbing dream i kept wanting to wake in order to guarantee myself it was just adream

any ideas about what it indicates?

Hole inside your stomach in my experience is often a desire that you just would like to fulfill. It is like having an ulcer. Bleaching your skin means attempting to make it lighter. Are you cheerful together with your appearance? Will be your skin too dark in your opinion. This talks to unhappiness in my experience inside your appearance, and not being able to fulfill yourself in a external way. It only harms you.

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