Interpretation Of Dream: Interpreting A Dream About Massacre

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What Does My Dream about Massacre Mean?

To witness a massacre in your dream, suggests that you are a follower. You follow the ideals of others without question and hesitation.


How do i understand the meaning of the dream?
For just two nights uninterruptedly now I’ve had this dream that we’re wanting to escape explosions – I am always with someone who I will be trying to keep with – the fist one was explosions along with the second one I had been inside my neighborhood wanting to avoid missiles that people coming down and exploding….

Any ideas on the these dreams could mean?

Material be worried of outside situations you can’t control. There clearly is one area happening that you experienced which you cannot control, and you really need to avoid, but it’s decreasing for you anyway, and you’ve got to create moment decisions with no security of needing enough information to produce everything you believe will be the right choice. No challenege show up choice or decision you make, the difficulties often come at you faster than you can make decisions.
You might want to look into the sources of these constant problems. Unless you know the place that the bombs are received from in your dream, it means you don’t know where these problems are received from in your own life. By finding out the causes of these ‘life bombs’, you can actually change something and forestall the bombing.
All the best ..

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