Dreams And Their Meaning: What Does It Mean To Dream About Cry

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Meaning of Dreaming about Cry:

To dream that you are crying, signifies a release of negative emotions that is more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself. Your dream is a way to regain some emotional balance and a way to safely let out your fears and frustrations. In our daily lives, we tend to ignore, deny, or repress our feelings. But in our dream state, our defense mechanisms are no longer on guard and thus allow for the release of such emotions.

To see someone else crying in your dream, may be a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. If you do not cry in your waking life, then seeing someone else cry may be a little easier to deal with then seeing yourself cry.

To wake up crying, suggest the grieving of your soul and that you need to change your ways and how you approach things.

To dream that no one hears or responds to your cries, represents your helplessness and difficulties and frustrations in trying to communicate with others. You feel that your words are falling on deaf ears. Perhaps your dream is telling you to be more vocal and work harder to get your point across.


What can consistant scary dreams weekly prior to starting your period mean?
The 2009 week, nightly I’ve had horrifying desires people dying in strange ways, each night I get up in shock, as it all seemed so real. I’ve never had this consistent of your scary dream track record and i am wondering whether or not this has almost anything to do with that proven fact that I merely started my period yesterday.
So what can they mean?
Is something unusual going on with my figure?

Did you only start your period? As with, fresh? In that case, then yes. This definitely will be the cause. It’s still not used to you and possibly a little shocking, disgusting, and scary. It’s different for various people. I used to be embarrassed once i first got mine, and I would’ve nightmares I would bleed through my white pants or something like that. So very possible. If nothing else, scary desires blood and murder could possibly be you happen to be overwhelmed with emotions. Blood represents exhaustion, plus a cry for help. Also take into account the people inside dream. Do you know them? It can be an anger or disappointment you’ve got towards that one person. If they are strangers consider how they were, they are able to hold traits that you have in yourself and you are witnessing those aspects in yourself being eliminated. Check out www.dreammoods.com. I really hope this helped.

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