Dream Interpretation: Dreaming About Oral sex

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Dream about Oral sex Interpreted:

To dream that you are giving or receiving oral sex, signifies your willingness to give or receive pleasure/joy. It is symbolic of your creative energy and reaffirms that you are headed in the right direction in life. The dream may also be a pun on talking about sex. You may need to communicate with your mate about your sexual needs and desires. Perhaps you are acting out your sexual wishes.

To dream that you are performing oral sex on yourself, represents your need for self-gratification.

Oral sex

It is possible to meaning…desire loosing teeth?
I needed this dream where I lost my theeth-two of them being precise.I felt no pain just form of felt they were missing when I looked over the mirror…I felt some type of felief…Furthermore , i keep dreaming my boufriend having an affair with assorted girls…So when I start yelling at him he acts as though he doesn’t care and pushes me away…?!

Well, obviously, one’s teeth represent the strong and powerful section of you. For a guy, it is the Warrior or Hunter. For a female, it’s her (excuse me) Inner B’itch.
Obviously, as soon as your teeth have passed away, so is that supply of strength and energy that lets you defend yourself plus your boyfriend against other girls (ravenous she-wolves)

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