Dream Dictionary Symbols: To Dream About Limousine

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Meaning of Dreaming about Limousine:

To see a limousine in your dream, indicates that you have an exaggerated sense of self-worth and self-importance. You may also feel the need to show off and impress others. In addition to the above, if the limousine is black, then it suggests that your are unwilling to make changes or yield to others. Alternatively, it may symbolize prestige, wealth, and power.


Dream meaning of a married relationship gone bad?
I needed this really weird dream that won’t stop bugging me. I became like hell bent on marrying my boyfriend inside the dream and everything about it wedding was failing. It just appeared to be prevented the entire time and the man was getting mad and didn’t want to get married, yet I used to be still stuck about it! I needed this really ugly purple bridal dress, which “dream” me absolutely loved..it was like I became watching myself without interruption. I woke up before we’ve got married therefore i don’t understand what this every means!

I disagree with Beyond Mordant’s comment. Whether it is bugging you, it needs to be discussed.

Clearly, you’ve got that strong need to make your relationship profitable, but for some reason you fear something will probably get it wrong as soon as you commit. It is exactly what your dream is suggesting.

Perhaps you have had experienced unpleasant situations during the past when it comes to relationships, it could be your folks fighting, being cheated on, a trust issue, you may be uncertain if you can certainly be a good partner otherwise you feel you do not deserved to be loved.

It will be worth that you should check out your feelings about yourself in the relationship and relationships normally.

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