Dream Analysis Dictionary: To Dream About Weasel

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What Does it Mean to dream about Weasel?

To see a weasel in your dream, represents your lack of trust in others. It may also mean that you are acting or being decietful.


How to use my lucid dreams to profit my spirituality and relationship with God?
Since beginning religious training and education, I have been having lucid dreams nearly every night. Is there a link bewteen barefoot and shoes? Can I personally use my dreaming world to get hold of God and know Him more fully? I’d appreciate any advice or information. When I become lucid in dreams I can remember instructions i received previously in waking life, so any advice will probably be useful.

Dreams can be a product of our minds doing its job we sleep to process information. Dreams definitely aren’t evil plus they don’t always carry significance, but I do believe that sometimes God may use our dreams to communicate with us. It seems as though our thought inhibitions are lowered inside our dreams (we dream of things we might never take into consideration in the daytime), so perhaps it would be easier in the dream being open-minded about what God is intending to speak for you? I think the next time you have a lucid dream, you should try to visit find God and repeat the items that you’d say to Him in prayer. I think it will be very personable and meaningful to experience a dream-conversation with God icon smile Dream Analysis Dictionary: To Dream About Weasel

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