Dream Analysis Dictionary: To Dream About Numbers

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Dream about Numbers Explained:

To see numbers in your dream, signifies unsettled conditions in business resulting in uneasiness and dissatisfaction.

For a specific number, please see Dream Themes: Numbers.


dream meaning, got word of horses looking to kill me?
I keep creating a dream where a got word of about 30 horses are going after me, very angrily, looking to kill or hurt me. Instances the ones i’m with are invariably different, playing with each dream a large heard of horses, that are unprovoked by me or even the people we are with, apparently strain to access me in anger, a single dream they collectively bashed themselves against a glass window until they smashed it but happened to be to me, and then chase after me as i run in terror. Does anybody have any idea what this might mean? Thanks icon smile Dream Analysis Dictionary: To Dream About Numbers xxx

Sounds like you’re suppressing something. But whatever you’re suppressing is gaining strength.

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